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Real World Wildlife Seed was started by two dedicated deer hunters, Don Higgins and Kevin Boyer. Don was tired of the disappointing results he had when using the specialized food plot products on the market. Because of his desire to have the very best food plots possible on his own property, he decided to do something about it. Working with his friend and business partner, Kevin Boyer, and the folks at Kitchen Seed Company, they began testing as many varieties of seed as they could get their hands on. They combined this “real world” testing done on their own hunting properties with lab analysis of plant samples to create seed blends for their Real World Wildlife Seed company.

RWWP - Clover and Chicory Blend
Clover and Chicory Blend

RWWP - Whitetail Harvest Salad
Whitetail Harvest Salad

RWWP - Plot Topper
Plot Topper

RWWP - Whitetail Forage Oats
Whitetail Forage Oats

RWWP - Bedding in a Bag

RWWP - Soy Magnet Attractant
Soy Magnet Attractant

“Our motto is Dare to Compare. We don’t want you to buy our seed products based on marketing ploys but instead, we challenge you to plant our seed blends side by side with any others on the market and see for yourself. Compare contents. Compare price. Compare results. There is likely not another food plot seed company that encourages its customers to plant their products side by side with the competition.”  ... Don Higgins

In 2015 the company decided to expand their brand to offer products beyond seed to land managers and deer hunters. During this transition, they rebranded their company to become Real World Wildlife Products (RWWP). The team at RWWP continues to develop new products and partnerships to help hunters and land managers achieve their dreams.

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